AnEye 4 AnEye

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So about 2 years ago I did a wedding in Las Vegas for Micah and Brittney. That wedding put me in contact with this family, and gave me the immense privilege of shooting a promotional film for something very special. Both Jordan and Tumua are alumni of USC Water Polo. Tumua is now headed for the London Olympics and Jordan is married to an NFL player. They are currently pitching the idea of a television show related to Hawaiian athletes and how they inspire those around them.

This is the promotional film that will be included in the pitch process. This shoot took me to California and Indiana, with many months of securing music licensing, collecting photos, etc. A lot of work.

But worth the effort. This is probably the closest I’ve been to a client family in my whole time as a videographer/filmmaker. It has been an immense blessing and has taught me a lot about my faith and the world.

These shoots make me a better filmmaker all around. My weddings are better, my corporate shoots are better. Everything is better.

– Ryan

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