Barry and Reshma – Their Wedding Teaser

So yeah, I’m a softy. You know, the kind of guy who gets choked up at the end of a movie, but claims to have something in his eye? Okay, so the Godfather chokes me up! Big deal.

My point is, there are some occasions when I attend weddings and I find myself getting a little lump in my throat at least once or twice. Barry’s and Reshma’s wedding was one of those. Perhaps it was my first Hindu wedding. Perhaps it was the colors. I’m leaning towards the sense of collaboration and community that manifests itself during these weddings. People flew from all over the world to see this couple get married. In Utah! Barry’s family is from Ireland (his parents were so incredibly kind) and Reshma had family come in from India. Wow.
What happens when I feel this collaboration taking place is it allows me to get more story-driven footage. The need for the traditional cake cuttings, bouquet and garter tosses aren’t needed as the sense of community that you feel at the wedding comes through in the edited piece.
Enough said. This was one of my favorite weddings to shoot. The reason for the short teaser is because the finished video clocked in at about 25 minutes – the longest wedding video I have ever done (by at least 10 minutes). Enjoy.

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