Adam and MaKenna – Salt Lake Temple Pre-Shoot – Utah Wedding Video

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Pre-Shoots, Couples Stories and First Looks are becoming much more commonplace, as couples seek to have something special to show at their wedding. This pre-shoot with Adam and MaKenna was an incredibel experience. Just me and the couple, and no schedule to tackle. It gave us time to experiment, get the best of everything, take […]

Brad and Shae Robins – Their "Two Story". – Utah Wedding Couples Story

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 Going into this, I knew I had a good story ahead. Both Brad and Shae are entertainers and both are incredibly confident and well-spoken. Brad is a natural speaker. Shae is mature beyond her years. This is their story from their first meeting through the engagement. These personal stories are really a great way to […]

Simon and Kimberly – St. Regis Hotel in Park City Utah – Utah Wedding Video

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Good vows (and toasts) always make my wedding films pop. I have nothing to do with it. It’s the aspect of wedding videography that I focus the most on – the story. If your vows are thoughtful, your wedding film will resonate. It’s plain and simple. There will be a story in there and the […]

Jared and Janessa – Saint George, Utah | Utah Wedding Video

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After shooting this wedding in Saint George, I didn’t want to come home. It’s just the most “level” weather in the state of Utah. Always nice. And my parents live there now too! If you have plans to get married in Saint George, please call me. I now have special rates for Saint George, just […]

Jess and Januari – Riverside Country Club Wedding – Utah Wedding Video

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This wedding ceremony is in my top 5. What amazing, heartfelt vows. And what an amazing couple. Rain loomed the entire day, and we got a pretty steady sprinkle during the reception. Just enough to cool things off, but not kill the party. I absolutely love this couple. I love their story.  I love how the […]

Mike and Katie – The Canyons Park City

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What can I say. Totally great wedding. Picture perfect wedding mass, beautiful scenery and an awesome couple. We did have quite the scare though. After taking the gondola to the top of the Canyons, it was shut down due to weather – with the guests stuck at the bottom of the mountain! Somehow Mike and […]

Chase and Jessica – Instagramed – Utah Wedding Video

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In lieu of the drastically cold weather that has pummeled our state this week, I thought it might be nice to post a warm weather wedding highlight. This one is from way back in July. I had a little fun with this web teaser. I edited it in the style of an Instagram photo – […]

Duncan and Lissie – Rice Eccles Stadium – Utah Wedding

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Call this my birthday wedding. They got married on my birthday – which was a Sunday anyway so we celebrated on a different day. Like I would ever turn down a wedding to celebrate getting older….. Anyway, Duncan and Lissie are transplants to the coolest city on earth – Austin, Texas. They ended up back […]

Colby and Shannon – Swim, Bike, Run, Marry – Utah Wedding Video

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What can I say? This is one of the most unique wedding events ever. I’m not sure I will shoot one of these again any time soon. Colby and Shannon ran a triathlon the morning of their wedding. You read that right. I can’t believe it. What an amazing an exhausting day. For all of […]

Gordon and Carole – Riverside Country Club Wedding – Provo, Utah

So there’s more to this wedding film than meets the eye. It’s the style of wedding film that best expresses where I need to be. I need to be grounded. Let me explain. I’ve tried before (oh, how I’ve tried…) to do the sweeping, hugely cinematic wedding films that some couples really like. Crazy steadicam, […]