Carson and Hillary's Super Old Wedding Film

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A few months back I posted a wedding film that I had made to look “vintage”. Add some film grain, pull back on the colors, darken the blacks, add some hairs and “damage” to the video. Essentially make it an old-looking, new wedding video.
Well, Hillary and Carson wanted this look. So I took on the challenge again. This time with a much more pronounced effect. I wanted this to look like the real deal. I was in film school way back when 16mm film was our format and I remember doing a lot of 8mm film on my own. My office is littered with these old cameras in varying degrees of workability. Yet, as much as I love the look, I understand that the limitations in resolution can be very closely mimicked in the color correction process I do after the wedding. It also frees me up to modify the look later, as HD video is very high resolution. With HD, I have a lot of information to use. I can mess with colors, film grain, etc. Enough said. Tech talk here.
I spent a lot of time on their requested “vintage” look. This is a short teaser from the entire day. Their wedding was at the Salt Lake Temple with a reception that followed at the Provo City Library.

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