Adam and MaKenna – Salt Lake Temple Pre-Shoot – Utah Wedding Video

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Pre-Shoots, Couples Stories and First Looks are becoming much more commonplace, as couples seek to have something special to show at their wedding. This pre-shoot with Adam and MaKenna was an incredibel experience. Just me and the couple, and no schedule to tackle. It gave us time to experiment, get the best of everything, take […]

Gordon and Carole – Riverside Country Club Wedding – Provo, Utah

So there’s more to this wedding film than meets the eye. It’s the style of wedding film that best expresses where I need to be. I need to be grounded. Let me explain. I’ve tried before (oh, how I’ve tried…) to do the sweeping, hugely cinematic wedding films that some couples really like. Crazy steadicam, […]

Vaughan and Rylee – Wadley Farms – Utah Wedding Video

Ahhh, newness. That’s how I felt, shooting this wedding at the Oquirrh Temple. I’ve only shot there once before, and it was helping out a friend. I finally got the chance. It’s my single favorite temple in the valley. Can’t explain why. Just a really beautiful building on a hill. I could speak praises for […]