Gordon and Carole – Riverside Country Club Wedding – Provo, Utah

So there’s more to this wedding film than meets the eye. It’s the style of wedding film that best expresses where I need to be. I need to be grounded. Let me explain. I’ve tried before (oh, how I’ve tried…) to do the sweeping, hugely cinematic wedding films that some couples really like. Crazy steadicam, […]

Steve and Erika – Salt Lake Temple – Utah Wedding Video

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I confess I went back to this wedding. I wanted something really punchy for the web and this Colbie Caillat song did the trick. This was a high energy couple with a really interactive family. They even did a flash mob – to Steve’s surprise – at the reception. It was killer. This song and […]

Jordan and Catelin – November 19th, 2011

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It’s amazing how little snippets of a toast can go a long way. There’s something “bigger” about the smallest piece of audio that can transform an edited piece from “what a nice piece” to “I feel like I know them.” This was Jordan and Catelin’s wedding at the Salt Lake Temple, with a reception that […]

Brayden and Lexie – October 19th, 2011

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Love this couple. Funniest groom in a long time. Enough said. This was shot at the Salt Lake Temple. The song is licensed through Triple Scoop.

Matt and Emily – August 18th, 2011

To view this video, enter the password – hinman I can almost guarantee this is a first. A second blog post within a few days of the last one. I confess I’m behind. My summers get so busy with weddings, family, etc. Blogging takes an occasional backseat. I feel like my video posts on Facebook […]

Greg and Kailee – Salt Lake Temple

Camille Stepan is a good friend of mine. Kailee is Camille’s cousin. So I had some reason to take good care of Greg and Kailee. Again, a great wedding, with a nice overcast day (which makes my job so much easier). I’m on this Patrick Watson kick right now, which explains the song choice. He […]

Tyler and Lauren

So here’s a clip from Tyler and Lauren’s wedding. This couple was absolutely perfect to work with. The weather was beautiful and they, along with their family and friends really enjoyed the day. This was shot at McCarty Salon on Foothill, in the bride’s room at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and finally at the […]