Tyler and McCall – The First Look

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I’m growing fond of shooting these. They are almost fully controlled shoots. We can start and stop, experiment, do some “scene” building. A lot of variables that aren’t always present on the wedding day with time being the main benefit. And these first looks are fun. I get to know you as a couple. It […]

Matt and Emily – August 18th, 2011

To view this video, enter the password – hinman I can almost guarantee this is a first. A second blog post within a few days of the last one. I confess I’m behind. My summers get so busy with weddings, family, etc. Blogging takes an occasional backseat. I feel like my video posts on Facebook […]

Seth and JoDee – Deer Valley, Utah – Highlight Reel

Sigh. I have been in the editing mire. Catching up from weddings months ago. The swine flu about 6 weeks ago didn’t help. I felt off for about 3 weeks, and it pushed my editing back a little more. With that said, it was time to post something. It has been forever. I am feverishly […]

Greg and Kailee – Salt Lake Temple

Camille Stepan is a good friend of mine. Kailee is Camille’s cousin. So I had some reason to take good care of Greg and Kailee. Again, a great wedding, with a nice overcast day (which makes my job so much easier). I’m on this Patrick Watson kick right now, which explains the song choice. He […]

Rob and Jessica – Twin Falls Idaho

So this was my 24-hour Idaho wedding – up and back in less than 24 hours. And it was HOT. Probably the hottest wedding I have attended this year. I’m guessing it was 95-100 degrees with absolutely no shade at the Twin Falls Temple. Ouch. Still, Rob and Jessica were just a fun couple to […]

The Pre-Roll

So I am cleaning off some files on the old desktop and just had to post this outtake of a webisode we shot of Brody at the La Caille show back in January. It just cracked me up when I watched it today. The crazy thing is that when we actually started rolling, every thing […]

Mark and Shanna – Wedding Day Teaser

Here’s a short teaser of Mark and Shanna’s wedding that I threw together for the blog. Expect to see more of these in the coming months. It’s a great way for me to highlight my documentary-style weddings, without having to post the 10-20 minute edit of the entire day. I am also planning to modify […]

Tyler and Lauren

So here’s a clip from Tyler and Lauren’s wedding. This couple was absolutely perfect to work with. The weather was beautiful and they, along with their family and friends really enjoyed the day. This was shot at McCarty Salon on Foothill, in the bride’s room at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and finally at the […]

Stacey Petersen's Demo for Dezember Photo

So we just finished this video last night for Brody Dezember’s new website. Stacey Petersen is a photographer for Brody and was the last one in the office to need a demo for her “bio” page. We shoot this at various locations around Salt Lake City and in a cool alley across from the old […]

Randy's Demo

So here it is. The demo we shot over 3 months ago and I just recently got around to editing. It is “Fight Club meets Wedding Video”, down to the “Call Randy” message that comprises only 2 frames of screentime. This video is also available on Brody Dezember’s new website – which totally kills by […]