Clark and Lizzie's Snow Day

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I think in all of the years I have done wedding cinema/videography/filmmaking I was looking for something that’s my niche.
These couples stories are my niche. I love the collaboration between me and the couple, the ability to control the content and I can exercise those creative chops I picked up in film school. Digital cinema is much like shooting motion picture film. There is audio to consider, lighting, shutter speed, white balance – all of those things coming together. Couples stories are like mini documentaries of everything up to this point in time (whatever and whenever that is).
Don’t get me wrong, we can still shoot a fantastic wedding video. That’s what we do.
This is Clark and Lizzie’s story. We shot this on a frigid Saturday afternoon in Memory Grove. 3 hours and frozen toes.
Worth. Every. Minute. Click those 4 little arrows and watch this full screen. The snow and the scenery just pops!

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