Clyde and Stefanie – St. Joseph Cathedral – Wolf Creek Wedding

What to say about a Catholic wedding….They are welcome occasions for me in this great state of ours. They are challenging to shoot. Many variables working here. Multiple audio sources, two cameras, moving priest, readings, music, even times when we are asked to turn off the cameras (during the eucharist). Much to consider. A very precise timeline.

When it all comes together, you get an amazing film.

Clyde and Stefanie came all of the way from NYC for their event. Wise decision. Utah is a great place for a wedding.

This is a short teaser edit of the entire day. I think it was important to include a good portion of the mass in this web highlight. If you ever get the notion to attend a Catholic wedding mass, I highly encourage it. It’s an incredibly beautiful and spiritual event.

You will be uplifted.

– Ryan

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