Dave and Emily….And No Officiant // Sundance, Utah

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Okay, okay, there was an officiant, but he was a stand in. A last minute decision. Due to some misunderstanding, the officiant never showed on Dave and Emily’s wedding. A scramble ensued. A close friend was chosen to stand in…

Something magical happened…

This was a very personal wedding for me. I’ve known Emily for years through her twin sister Brittany. I shot Brittany’s wedding years ago, as well as Courtney’s wedding. Court is a close friend to both of the sisters and a close friend of mine. It should have felt like a no-brainer.

I had to squeeze this wedding into my schedule. Literally squeeze. Thought I couldn’t do it. So grateful I had.

This wedding is a testament to making your ceremony a very personal event. If you can get a close friend to marry you, do it. If you have vows, make them personal and meaningful. Heck, make them up as you go! Don’t have a plan. Sometimes things just work out.

A lot of this wedding ceremony was improvised. It was one of the most incredible ceremonies I’ve ever filmed. It makes my cry to watch it. Even after multiple viewings.

It will make you cry too…

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