DJ Recommendation

So I just shot a wedding last night at Wadley Farms and wanted to make a recommendation on a DJ I worked with there last night. I rarely make recommendations on DJ’s because I have had such hot and cold experiences with them in the past, but this guy was really great. He managed to keep the party going, pull of all of the events (bouquet, garter, send-off) with ease and never made the reception about him. There were no recitations of lame praises for the bride and groom, no efforts to make himself the crazy DJ. He also made sure that both myself and the photographer there had a schedule of every important event going on throughout the evening and even made sure the bride and groom were in the right places for lighting purposes. As a result, Mark and Shanna Warr’s reception went off without a hitch. If there was one, not one guest knew it.

His name is Stretch and his company is Ablaze Entertainment. His website is I hope to see him at more wedding events in the future.

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