Doc-Style Weddings

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So I have been editing Shanna and Mark’s wedding video and I finally got to the garter toss and absolutely love this clip. Mark is a total crack up with the garter and this single clip really defines why I do documentary-style wedding videos. This was really outside of the realm of textbook Utah wedding reception. It was a true party – loads of dancing and just plain fun.

Take a moment and watch the clip below. There are no rapid cuts, no slow-motion effects, no staged event on my part. Just Mark and Shanna and an enthusiastic crowd. This video is one continuous take. Yes, I did add some film damage effects to the video, but merely for visual enhancement and not intended to detract from the event as it unfolds.

This is why I do documentary wedding videography. It is your event as it really happened.

Mark and Shanna’s wedding – The garder toss. from Ryan Hinman on Vimeo.

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