Duncan and Lissie – Rice Eccles Stadium – Utah Wedding

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Call this my birthday wedding. They got married on my birthday – which was a Sunday anyway so we celebrated on a different day. Like I would ever turn down a wedding to celebrate getting older…..

Anyway, Duncan and Lissie are transplants to the coolest city on earth – Austin, Texas. They ended up back in Utah, getting married here to be close to friends and family. The reception was at Rice Eccles Stadium, which benefits from amazing lighting when those “sunscreens” are put to good use.

What a cool couple. Their first dance was straight out of Pulp Fiction. The dance in the bar. Way cool. And their ceremony went off without a hitch. I had a friend refer to their officiant as a guy who should be narrating Hollywood movies. When you watch this web teaser, you will understand why.

Are we cool? Yes. Yes we are.

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