How long have you been in business?

After years of working in wedding-related and event marketing (running a successful wedding show), I went all in on filming weddings in 2010. Prior to then, I was a weekend wedding videographer for about 4 years.

Tell us about your process?
I think the biggest misconception about wedding videography is that it’s intrusive and disruptive to the day. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s very common for me to get emails after the wedding about how low key I was at the wedding. I tend to find greater long-term value in just letting the day unfold and filming what happens. Of course there are times during the day we shoot for great footage of the couple together. We leave that entirely up to you and your schedule. We’re into getting great footage of your day and delivering you a great story. We also tend to not overly engage the wedding party during key events (getting ready, during the reception, etc). It’s not our job to interject ourselves into your event. Nothing makes us more crazy than dealing with wedding vendors who feel compelled to become part of the wedding. We’re there to make you look good, not us.

How long are you at our wedding?
For traditional ceremonies, we love to be with you through the entire event. Our standard full-day package is 10 hours. It gives us enough time to be there for any pre-ceremony events, get location footage, and get some great details. After the ceremony, we like to be there through the big wedding-celebration type events – toasts, cake, formal dances, bouquet. With a 10 hour day, that generally leaves us with enough time to get some great party and open dancing footage at the end.

For LDS weddings, our packages are more event based. Specific hours at the temple and reception, with the option to add hair and makeup coverage, pre-shoots, etc. With LDS weddings we of course take the time we need at the temple to get some great coverage of you two as a couple. We also offer first look coverage, bridal shoots, couples stories, etc. if you want some more stylistic approaches to your final films.

What do you need from us?
Nothing really. We love time with the two of you as a couple, so if you can give us time on your wedding day we will take it. If you want more doc-style coverage, we can take that approach as well. We’re open to anything and have experience in any kind of coverage you want.

How do you handle ceremonies and toasts?
For ceremonies, we generally use between 2-4 cameras for coverage. We have them on tripods situated behind the guests and focus mainly on what is happening between you two and the officiant (readings, vows, etc.). Unless your package says otherwise, we provide you with a finished edit of the ceremony. We handle toasts basically the same way. We have 2-3 cameras aimed at the speaker (and you the couple if possible) and cut back and forth between cameras. We strongly encourage couples to have the toasters speak from a dedicated microphone stand (if possible). It keeps the microphone in a specific spot and reduces the possibility of audio drop outs and feedback from the audio speakers. We deliver a finished edit of the toasts in their entirety.

What about the audio for those events?
For ceremonies, we need to put lapel microphones on the officiant and the groom in order to guarantee you usable audio. It’s ideal to hire a skilled audio person with a professional PA system that we are allowed to access (plug in our recorders). PA systems are always ideal. In addition we provide a small second backup lapel microphone that records

into a pocket – just in case the audio system decides to misbehave (or it just flat out dies – it happens). For toasts, we rely heavily on the PA system provided or we hook a small recorder to the microphone provided to the guests. We also have a small speaker system and wired microphone for rehearsal dinners that we can provide. We take audio very seriously and do our absolute best to get the most pristine audio at your event. We can also offer some recommendations for DJs, PA companies, etc. that have great success in helping your wedding sound flawless.

Do you work well with others?
We understand the stress of the wedding day for family and vendors, so we have as part of our personal mission to work well with anyone. We are highly recommended by many wedding and event coordinators for this reason. We just focus on the wedding day and work to get you great footage. I of course love to have fun also.

You keep saying us. Is there more than one of you?
There can be. Generally I film the majority of my weddings as a solo filmmaker. But if the schedule requires it, I do have second camera persons available. We offer this as an add-on and recommend it when schedules overlap. Specifically this happens prior to the ceremony – if the bride and groom are at completely separate venues and you want coverage of both. Occasionally I need a second shooter as well if your schedule is incredibly tight for some reason. We really encourage you to plan for some small timeline breaks during your wedding. Just some time to relax, spend time with family, etc. We’ve noticed with loose schedules that the couple is generally less frantic. The outcomes are generally much better in terms of the day going well. We also may need one for large scale events where we just can’t be everywhere at once.

What is the finished film like?
We have feature wedding highlight films and shorter highlights. Feature films generally run anywhere from 8-15 minutes and incorporate more aspects of the day (more of everything). Highlights are what you see on our website – shorter, punchier, sharable recaps of the day. We do offer doc edits as well. We love to deliver a more moving, emotional recap of your day (feature or highlight) than a play by play of your entire day. They just aren’t engaging and we’ve learned that much longer edits generally don’t get watched much by the couple. They want something moving and memorable. We also offer full ceremony coverage and toast coverage in our packages, with ring ceremonies as an option for LDS weddings. We offer online digital delivery and Bluray as an addition if you want a physical disc. Both are very high quality and we work to deliver you the best quality. We abandoned the old standard DVD years ago. It’s time to move on (sorry DVD). We also have raw footage and flash drive option available if you want an archival option for safekeeping of your digital files.

Why pick you?
That’s a challenging question to answer without sounding arrogant. We love to film weddings and we do our job really well. We have a sparkling reputation in the business and really work well with the other vendors. We are sure there’s something that brought you here that appeals to you. We hope you’re here because you want a quality keepsake and want a great memory of your first most important day.