George and Mindy

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What can I say, other than great wedding. A compact 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. day, with plenty going on. I just love how this wedding turned out. And yes, I often start my videos with some sort of live music going on at the reception. Why? Because I love it. The band at the wedding often tells a lot about the couple. George and Mindy had a swing, bluegrass, jazzy quartet jamming at the reception. I couldn’t get enough of them. During breaks, I often gravitated towards the band. They were just plain cool.
There’s nothing like a wedding with military uniforms. It transcends formal. It’s something else entirely. There’s definitely a sense of reverence, at least on my part. These guys are doing something that many people won’t be doing for their country.
Anyway, quite a day. This is a highlight of the entire day – an abbreviated version of the final wedding video – which runs about 11 minutes. Enjoy.

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