Gordon and Carole – Riverside Country Club Wedding – Provo, Utah

So there’s more to this wedding film than meets the eye. It’s the style of wedding film that best expresses where I need to be.

I need to be grounded. Let me explain.

I’ve tried before (oh, how I’ve tried…) to do the sweeping, hugely cinematic wedding films that some couples really like. Crazy steadicam, majestic shots, grandiose movements.

It’s not my thing.

This is my thing. This wedding reminded me of that. I prefer my wedding films to be “grounded in reality”. There’s an incredible amount of beauty in just allowing the day to unfold. Great weather (or not), happy couple, events of the day. It’s not to say I don’t try. I just know that at the end of the wedding, the event is the cinema. There’s no need to recreate the day. Just let it happen. Shoot what happens.

Just be meticulous about it and slave away at capturing those special moments. I chose to do both.

– Ryan

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