Jared and Mindy – The Teaser

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Call me crazy, but I’ve been hoping to find a time to use a little Punch Drunk Love music in a wedding film. Well, more specifically the song “He Needs Me” from the Robert Altman movie Popeye, which was allocated for the Hawaiian encounter in Punch Drunk Love. It’s the perfect romantic piece, or at least I think so. Dreamy and ethereal, it has a fantasy-like quality that I thought was perfect for a short teaser of Jared and Mindy’s wedding day.

I’m not much for your run of the mill stuff, so a little mash up of their temple wedding with my own selection of music was a nice reprieve. Mind you, this isn’t the video I delivered to them, just a fun reinvention of a blazing hot wedding day. Sweating bullets for two hours. And not one overheating of the camera (a technical thing). Amazing.
It was a pleasure Jared and Mindy. And I’m always up for the occasional same day edit. Keeps me on my editing toes.

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