Jason and Lauren Osmond – Decorative Towels and Orchards

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Osmonds are cool. So very cool. Jason is cool. Lauren is cool. Decorative towels are cool. You’ll just have to watch this couple’s story to figure out what I mean.

I confess having a more than passing fascination with the Osmond family. I distinctly remember two events from my childhood. One was getting up from bed and asking my parents if I could watch the Donnie and Marie show. They said yes, and I was ecstatic. The other was being down in Provo and stopping off at the now-defunct Osmond Studios. I felt like there was something magical about that day. Driving up to the gates. Very famous Mormons just inside. Can’t really explain it.
I do remember too that I met a gal on my LDS mission to Florida that said she joined the church because of the Osmond family. At first I thought that was a little interesting, but she had been a faithful Mormon for 15 years. What I’m getting at is that the Osmond family has a lot of love and I’m sure she felt that.
Jason and Lauren are no different. A lot of love here. Spending a day with these two was really a dream. I wish them all of the best and am so grateful for the opportunity to do this.
Shooting in orchards is way cool too.

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