Josh and Heidi – Belay On

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I’m not sure what to say about this couple’s story. It’s genuinely one of the most personal stories I’ve ever done. You really have to listen to what these two are saying. It’s very specific and very moving. You can really tell that finding each other was not a chance meeting. It helps me to understand that, for whatever purpose, some things just happen for a reason. These two were meant to be together.

This was quite possibly my scariest shoot. Up the side of a canyon, on a steep incline, with no solid footing underneath. I was thinking any minute I was going to take a dive with camera gear in tow. However, Heidi will attest to my excitement when they said they wanted to go rock climbing. I was grateful they wanted to include something in this film that was enjoyable to them. Not just something to fill in the “gaps”. Something to consider when you book me for one of these.

Again, One of my most personal experiences with a couple. Love these two.


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