Mark and Shanna – Wedding Day Teaser

Here’s a short teaser of Mark and Shanna’s wedding that I threw together for the blog. Expect to see more of these in the coming months. It’s a great way for me to highlight my documentary-style weddings, without having to post the 10-20 minute edit of the entire day. I am also planning to modify my package offerings in the future to include a teaser that covers the wedding in about 3 1/2 to 5 minutes (depending on the song length).

This is one of those weddings that we as wedding filmmakers live for. It was overcast, which is great for lighting, and the couple was just awesome. I tend to lay back at weddings as things naturally unfold, so I sometimes don’t have a ton of interaction with the bride and groom. This was one of those weddings. However, I think with Mark and Shanna this was advantageous, as they were so interactive with each other and we always appreciate happy couples.

Mark and Shanna – Wedding Teaser – XH-A1 at 24f. from Ryan Hinman on Vimeo.

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