Matt and Emily – August 18th, 2011

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I can almost guarantee this is a first. A second blog post within a few days of the last one. I confess I’m behind. My summers get so busy with weddings, family, etc. Blogging takes an occasional backseat. I feel like my video posts on Facebook are “sort of” blogging, but not really.

So here goes.
I’ve been asked by couples on numerous occasions to see an entire wedding film of mine. From start to finish. I think some couples have concerns about length, what goes in, how the whole package fits together, etc. So here’s a complete – from start to finish – wedding film I did for Matt and Emily. Really great couple. And an amazing backyard. This really pretty stream on the west side of the house pours out into this massive pond. Tons of grass. Really fun wedding. As I stated in my last blog post, I’m really into wedding receptions with room to breathe. I’ve noticed people tend to stay longer if they can stretch their arms and just chill out.
Anyway, here’s the complete edit.

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