Matt and Tonnie and A Mini Horse

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It’s a “Two Story” time of year. Lot’s of couples stories getting finished.

I met with Matt and Tonnie in a field behind Tonnie’s house. She’s very much in to Mid-century modern, thus the retro table and chairs. It works. Just a cool setting for a couples story, and only about a dozen military jets flying by from the base. Not sure I would ever get used to that.
I confess, this is one of my favorites I’ve ever done. These two are so at ease with each other and Matt’s a seriously funny dude. I think Tonnie’s the perfect match for him. She’ll keep him grounded (I think he even says that at one point).

It’s amazing how the course of a couples story changes when the couple is at ease. It takes a story from good to great.

Anyway, enjoy.
Also check out some seriously mad photos here from Travis Richardson. He was their engagement and wedding photographer and these photos were blown up to “beyond poster size” and hanging all over the wedding reception. Amazing..

Here’s his website –

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