Micah and Brittney – Live from Las Vegas

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I spent a lot of time with Micah and Brittney. An amazing couples story and a full day in searing Las Vegas, NV. It was May 1st and I remember it being incredibly hot. As a result, I feel like I really got to know them on a personal level. Want to have your wedding videographer really understand you two on a much more personal level? Do some sort of pre-shoot, couples story, etc. The extended relationship definitely can play out in how I related to you as a couple.

By evening the temperature had cooled and an amazing reception emerged. One of my favorites. An old truck doubled as a buffet station, signs pointed to different events, IBC bottled root beer was the beverage of the evening and beef skewers were on the grill. They even had Porta-Potties. I felt like I was at a country fair. Amazing night.
I picked up on some thematic elements in Micah and Brittney’s wedding that played throughout the entire wedding film I made for them. This is why I am posting it from start to finish. It’s very circular in how it was made. The end takes you back to the middle and the beginning.
I hope you enjoy it.

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