Photography Demo for Brody

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So we just finished this little piece of goodness yesterday. Two half-days of shooting and a few sporadic weeks of editing and we are done.

Brody approached me with the idea of making a demo for his studio. Something to show his clients, put on the web, play at shows, whatever.
This is the beauty that comes from a controlled setting. Which is why I recommend pre-shoots and couples stories so much. They allow you the freedom to “custom build” a piece of work. With that said, the documentary elements within this film and others I do make the final piece what it is. It fulfills the “time” and “place” needs that any reality-based piece needs.
I’m waxing philosophical here. Too many hours in film theory classes (thanks for that Andre Bazin). Anyway, enjoy it. Take it in. Consider doing something with us that gives your wedding day, baby’s birth, family story a life of it’s own. Something you can revisit for years to come.

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