There are only a handful of wedding venues in Utah that really cater 100% to the guest experience. St. Regis in Deer Valley is one of them. The Astor Terrace is so massive that an enormous event tent can fit there with no issue. Get one with a transparent top and you have and evening of stars against a mountain backdrop. What an incredible sight. Couple that with a ceremony venue overlooking the western mountains and within an incredibly short walk to cocktail hour and you have just this amazing place for a wedding. I’m convinced that any venue that has everything central and convenient will really make for a relaxed and enjoyable wedding. St. Regis really excels here.

I feel like this was a really special summer wedding. I could just really get a good feel for the closeness that Packey and Katie have to their family and friends. A lot of this comes out during the dancing. And I can’t really find anything wrong with having a friend or family member marry the couple. And chalk another one up to Michelle Leo Events. Her crew – with Emily as the lead coordinator that night – really pulled off a flawless event. I honestly just loved the pace, the people and everything about this wedding. It’s hard to believe that just the week before, I was filming another wedding in a massive snowstorm just on the other side of Deer Valley. Utah wedding weather is really unpredictable. Thank goodness for great planning, big tents and just a little bit of good luck.

Wedding Venue – St. Regis Deer Valley, Utah
Event Planner – Michelle Leo Events
Photographer – Alixanne Loosle
Party Band – No Limits
Ceremony Band – The Naked Waiters
Wedding Cake – Granite Bakery
Flowers – Artisan Bloom
Makeup – Vivian Johnson
Hair – Brynn Thomas
Venue Coordinator // Booking – Christina Mytinger

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