Seth and JoDee – Deer Valley, Utah – Highlight Reel

Sigh. I have been in the editing mire. Catching up from weddings months ago. The swine flu about 6 weeks ago didn’t help. I felt off for about 3 weeks, and it pushed my editing back a little more. With that said, it was time to post something. It has been forever.

I am feverishly (no flu pun intended) working on Seth and JoDee’s highlight video, and finished this highlight reel of the entire day. It’s the 14-hour wedding condensed into about 4 minutes. This wedding was in Park City, and I worked my behind off on this one. Back and forth between hotels, wind at the ceremony, lighting issues (a light cord melted during the reception), and on and on.
Thanks to Brody for the photos. If you book him, I include the photos (at his discretion) for no extra fee. Otherwise, there is a small extra editing fee to have your photos included (it takes much more time to edit them into the final piece).
I hope you enjoy it.

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