Stay Healthy

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So I realize this is the downer blog post of the season, but it seems more relevant than ever. I know people are thinking we have survived the cold months and it is time to look forward to good weather with only allergies to think about, but the swine flu is still nothing to take lightly. I know people will call me a little paranoid, but so what. I will say my peace then let you take what you want from it.

Consider for a second that there is an immense amount of hugging, shaking hands, kissing and talking closely in a wedding environment. During episodes where illness is being passed around, wedding events actually are hot beds for transmitting colds, the flu, etc. As hundreds of people pass through your wedding line, not only are you shaking hands with every one, but essentially they are shaking hands with everyone you just greeted as well.
Perhaps this is a great time to consider introducing subtle ways to combat a few bugs that might show up at your wedding. Putting a bottle of Purell next to the guest book, or smaller bottles in the center of every table at the event. Also, as the bride and groom, ocassionally rubbing some over your hands as the night progresses. Such a small way to keep everyone a little bit cleaner, but I can guarantee that those bottles will get used and your guests will take notice of your interest in keeping them healthy.
Not intended to scare anyone, just a posting to keep us all a little bit safer. Best wishes with your wedding planning.

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