Steele and Paige – Draper Temple

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The weather for Steele and Paige’s wedding was pretty perfect. I know that cloudy, overcast days don’t necessarily cry “beautiful” for the bride and groom, but for the photography and cinematography, it’s perfect. It creates something akin to a a huge diffused softbox in the sky, which means everything is evenly lit. No hot spots of sun competing with the shade. And no major dress “blowouts” with the whites.

This was a two-song edit of the hair and makeup session with Paige, and the time at the Draper temple with both of them. Steele and Paige shot around with me and Kelly from Gallery Photography just prior to the actual wedding as well as the post-temple family shoot.
I really loved shooting this wedding. It always helps when the bride and groom are excited for the day. A little interaction with me never hurts either.
This is the wedding film in it’s entirety. Sit back and enjoy.

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