Tanner + McKenzie – Everything New is Old Again

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I’m getting a lot of requests for the vintage look. A lot. Just to clarify, this isn’t an attempt to make your wedding film look like old Super 8mm film. Rather, it’s a look akin to rediscovering an old weathered movie in an attic. It’s kind of a “Grindhouse” look – an old B movie that has been sitting shelved in a run-down theater closet for years. Scratches, variations in saturation, skips in film, burns from being to close to the projector light, etc. I love doing this. It gives me a creative outlet in the editing process, which for many is the tedious side of doing wedding films.

Anyway, Tanner and Mckenzie asked me for this look and I was happy to oblige. This was by far the coldest wedding I have ever shot, and somehow we got some smiles out of them. I swear McKenzie got choked up a few times with the cold. She was the least “covered up” that afternoon.
This wedding highlight benefits a lot from the couple’s choice of music. This Iron and Wine song fit beautifully with the aged effect. I just love it. Enjoy the flick.

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