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It’s a “twofer” day today. Two wedding films for one blog post. They’re for the same couple, so it made sense.

Brent and Lisa’s wedding was last week at the Provo Temple. My first time shooting there and I don’t anticipate shooting there much. Lisa has some really important family connections to that temple and she does temple work there, so it was an obvious choice for her. Here’s their wedding film from their time at the temple. It really shows off the personality of these two. There’s a lot of love in that couple. Really nice families too. Lisa’s father talked “Canon Camera Shop” with me for a few minutes at the reception, which was nice.
I also had the opportunity to shoot a couple’s story for Brent and Lisa. Weather was not on our side, so I called up one of my connections and got permission to use the Sharon room at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We only had one day to shoot this thing, so doing the interviews indoors saved us. During a brief break in the weather, we went outside and got some good additional footage for the story. You’ll notice that I include a lot of photos in these couples stories. Yes, I shoot them. And no, I’m not a wedding “photographer”. I leave that to “them”. I do however fire off some stills for these couple’s stories. It gives each piece a unique assortment of imagery for me to pull from. I’m a big fan of still photography, even with my decision to shoot wedding films. And since my cameras do both, I use both for these pieces.
I really love this story. A really seamless piece.

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