Vaughan and Rylee – Wadley Farms – Utah Wedding Video

Ahhh, newness. That’s how I felt, shooting this wedding at the Oquirrh Temple. I’ve only shot there once before, and it was helping out a friend. I finally got the chance. It’s my single favorite temple in the valley. Can’t explain why. Just a really beautiful building on a hill.

I could speak praises for an hour about the couple. Vaughan and Rylee. Just an amazing couple. Animated, hip, cool and completely positive. I want to duplicate them and shoot them once a week.
And a Haka war cry at the wedding reception. Crazy cool. 
In case you missed it on my Facebook page a while back, I’m posting their couples story here as well. Rylee gave me a really big challenge with this one. She wanted a lot of back story, photos, video she shot, lots to cover. It allowed me to think outside of the box. So Rylee, thanks for that.

Enjoyed every minute of these two shoots.
– Ryan

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